An English Bar Put Cameras in Its Bathrooms

Critics say they invade privacy, but the bar's owners say they are for safety.

Published Sep 9, 2021

 (eltpics / Flickr creative commons)
Image Via eltpics / Flickr creative commons

The Showtime bar in England installed cameras in its bathrooms, a move the bar's owners say is meant to stop criminal behavior and monitor for COVID-19 safety.

The cameras also livestream images from inside the bathrooms to other bar patrons. An image of the bathroom livestream is included in a local news report from YorkshireLive about the cameras.

"Personally, I feel that this is a severe breach of privacy, and everyone that I have spoken to since witnessing this is of the same opinion and cannot believe that it is allowed to happen," a YorkshireLive reader complained.

One of the bar's co-owners, Ian Snowball, told the news outlet that the cameras were for safety purposes, like preventing drug selling and drug use and making sure that the bathrooms don't get too crowded during the COVID-19 pandemic:

"We are also looking to attract families with children and during the covid era, we were obliged to manage the toilets to ensure that they did not become overcrowded.

"The CCTV system provides a safety net for the young and vulnerable, in addition to working towards compliance with covid legislation and safety.

Snowball's son and bar co-owner Adam also said the bar makes note of the cameras on its website, and is thus not a secret.

It's true that the bar has acknowledged the cameras in the bathroom on its site, stating that it's done to help make the venue safer:


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