Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer Tease Mystery Movie Project

"I don't even know if it will end up being good, but it will be the hardest we laugh, ever," Segura said to Kreischer.

Published Aug 3, 2021

A new mystery movie project teased by comedians Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer left fans of the "2 Bears, 1 Cave" podcast with lots of questions. The stand-up comedy duo, who are also best friends, have a long history together. They have also separately shot numerous stand-up comedy specials for Netflix.

It's unclear if the project is, indeed, a film, or if it could involve television or streaming. However, the conversation in the podcast leaned strongly toward the likelihood that it is a movie.

'I Can't Wait'

In the podcast episode, which was released on Aug. 2, Kreischer and Segura loosely referred to the unannounced movie without giving anything away. Kreischer had just returned from filming in Serbia for his starring role in a new movie titled "The Machine," which also stars Mark Hamill.

The first mention of the unannounced movie with Segura and Kreischer occurred at the 12:20 mark in the podcast.

In the moment, Kreischer was the one who first mentioned project.

Kreischer: I can't wait... I genuinely can't wait to do what we're doing, you know what I mean?

Segura: Yes.

Kreischer: That thing we're doing. I can't wait until we do it.

Segura: Do you know how fucking much... I don't even know if it will end up being good, but it will be the hardest we laugh, ever.

Kreischer: Having gone through the experience of making a movie, there's so much to it...

Kreischer's mention of "the experience of making a movie" referred to "The Machine," a film that's named for his most famous comedy bit about a train robbery involving Russia and the mafia.

Working Together

Later in the podcast, Kreischer remarked that "it was so fun" filming "The Machine."

He then said, "I can't wait until we do this," talking to Segura about the unannounced movie project. "I can't wait. I honestly can't wait. I can't wait on so many levels because I can't wait to sit and watch you do things where you're like, 'that's not working,' and then watch the way your brain works. It's so fucking cool, man."

Segura then joked: "And I can't wait for you to be like, 'no, no, no, it is, it is working Tom. It is working.'"

It's unclear if Kreischer was teasing that Segura would have a role behind the camera.

'Just Wait'

The final mention of the unannounced movie with Segura and Kreischer occurred at the 1:07:37 mark in the podcast. "I want to get back on the road. I'm excited to go back on the road," Kreischer said about stand-up comedy, "but I'm also excited to do this again with you." Segura replied: "It's going to be fun."

They ended the teasing with Kreischer saying: "And by the way, everyone's like, 'what are you talking about?,'" referring to podcast listeners. "Well, just wait, it's pretty cool."

Segura added: "It's pretty cool. It's pretty ridiculous."

Previous Projects

Aside from the upcoming movie, Kreischer and Segura have created their own projects in the past.

For example, Kreischer once announced his tour with the following video:

Segura later followed up with his more elaborate video, hiring a film crew and actors. The moment begins in the following episode at the 22:00 mark:

Video of Kreischer's face was captured for use in the video without him knowing it. In order to make this happen, Kreischer sat for what he thought were promotional videos for the podcast. This allowed the crew to gather enough blank facial expressions to use for Segura's video.

This story will be updated should further details be announced by Segura or Kreischer about the upcoming movie.

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