Lay's Releases New Mashups With Doritos Cool Ranch, Wavy Funyuns

Doritos and Funyuns find new life as Lays traditional potato chips in a flavor swap.

Published July 28, 2021

P000-354-256-303-41068 (Dane Unknoen/Wikimedia Commons)
P000-354-256-303-41068 (Image courtesy of Dane Unknoen/Wikimedia Commons)

Shoppers will find a new chip flavor mashups in the grocery store in the summer of 2021. Lay's introduced new potato chips by combining flavors with other snacks from Pepsico.

Doritos Cool Ranch tortilla flavor will be presented as ranch-flavored potato chips in a Lays package. Additionally, onion-flavored Funyun rings will be presented as Lays onion wavy potato chips. The lineup is known as a “Flavor Swap”:

As per Frito-Lay news release on PRNewswire:

LAY'S DORITOS COOL RANCH: Ever wondered what Doritos Cool Ranch flavor would taste like on Lay's chips? Saddle up, because Lay's put this beloved Doritos flavor on its iconic potato chips.
LAY'S WAVY FUNYUNS Onion: Who said you needed rings to have fun? Get the flavor of Funyuns rings now on Lay's Wavy potato chips.

Melissa Miranda, senior director of marketing of Frito-Lay North America said, “This time, we've partnered with two beloved Frito-Lay brands to give our fans an innovative, one-of-a-kind flavor experience like no other chip brand can do. We can't wait for people to try these new Lay's Flavor Swap flavors for themselves.”

The Flavor Swap line will be available starting late July 2021 for a limited period until supplies last at grocery retailers nationwide.

Frito-Lay faced controversy after their workers recently ratified a new union contract that guaranteed them a day off work per week. Workers had been picketing for 20 days before they reached an agreement with the company.

Nur Nasreen Ibrahim is a reporter with experience working in television, international news coverage, fact checking, and creative writing.