Jordan Peele Announces New Horror Movie With Cryptic Poster

Do we know what it's about? Nope.

Published July 24, 2021

 (Screenshot, "Nope" movie Twitter page)
Image Via Screenshot, "Nope" movie Twitter page

On July 22, 2021, comedian-turned-Oscar-winning filmmaker Jordan Peele posted a movie poster on his Twitter feed that gave viewers an ominous vibe. It featured an extremely creepy looking, circle-shaped cloud floating (lurking?) above a mountain town, with a trailing string of bunting, as though the cloud had eaten whatever was on the other end of said bunting.

Other than the name of the movie, "Nope," and its stars, Daniel Kaluuya (who starred in Peele's 2017 blockbuster "Get Out"), Keke Palmer, and Steven Yeun, Peele's poster reveals almost nothing about the upcoming film. There's a short line above his name that says it's a "new terror from the mind" of the Academy Award-winning filmmaker, and that's it.

Eager film-goers will have to wait to see what this film is about. One other thing the movie poster revealed was that "Nope" will be released exactly one year after Peele's announcement of the new film— July 22, 2022. You can follow the Twitter account dedicated to the film for updates.

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