TikTok Star Brittany Broski Geeks Out with Fans in Disneyland

Brittany Broski, also known by her meme name, "Kombucha Girl," celebrated with fans who heard she was in Disneyland for the day.

Published July 8, 2021

Image Via @thebigsilly/TikTok

On July 7, 2021, TikTok user @thebigsilly posted a new video from inside Disneyland and said they heard TikTok star and comedian Brittany Broski was also in the park.

Her real name is Brittany Tomlinson, but after becoming a meme in 2019 she's now also known as "Kombucha Girl." She has 6.3 million followers on TikTok.

The Video

In the clip, which was viewed more than 500,000 times in the first 24 hours, @thebigsilly says: "So, I'm like at Disneyland right now, and I just saw something that said Brittany Broski is also here in the park. The goal is to find her."

As the sun begins to set inside Disneyland, the people in the video begin calling out for her in various spots around the park, yelling: "Brittany!"

The end of the video reveals that they find her. Not only did they find her, but Tomlinson grabs their camera and takes a selfie-style video of the three of them goofing around in Disneyland, which is known as "The Happiest Place On Earth."

Their TikTok name, @thebigsilly, fit the moment well.

Kombucha Meme

Some readers may not think they're familiar with the TikTok star by name, whether by Brittany Tomlinson or Brittany Broski. However, a meme based on one of her videos might ring a few bells. In fact, that video and meme might be where the fans Brittany Broski ran into inside Disneyland first learned about her.

On Aug. 6, 2019, she posted a now-famous video of her reacting to tasting kombucha for the first time.

The facial expressions she made after tasting the kombucha led to a meme. published: "Brittany Tomlinson [or Brittany Broski] or Kombucha Girl is an American TikTok influencer from Dallas, Texas, who has gone viral for her short comedic videos. In August 2019, a TikTok video in which she reacts to trying kombucha launched her stardom on the app leading to a large following on Twitter and YouTube."

Disneyland Rumors and Stories

Well beyond the minor nature of Brittany Broski's sighting in Disneyland, has covered the larger world of Disney since 1994.

For example, there was once a "secret brick" at Disneyland, a video that purportedly showed a ghost during the fireworks over Sleeping Beauty Castle, and a different paranormal tale about the "Mr. One-Way" ghost.

We also reported about a $100 sandwich inside Disneyland Resort, which turned out to be true.

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