Missing Dog Returns Home, Rings Doorbell

It's unclear how she learned to do so, but the dog was caught on camera ringing the bell.

Published Jul 1, 2021

 (Reddit screenshot)
Image Via Reddit screenshot

A lost dog not only found her way home in late June 2021, but found her way in when she rang the doorbell of her home, her owners told news outlets.

The dog, Rajah, bolted from the backyard of her Simpsonville, South Carolina, home, spooked by fireworks set off by neighbors. She jumped over a fence about 5 p.m. on June 27, her owners Ryan Washick and Mary Lynn Whitacre, told local news station WYFF.

Washick and Whitacre looked for the dog for hours but were unsuccessful.

Then, she turned up on her own at 3 a.m. The couple's Ring doorbell camera caught her ringing the bell and looking directly into the camera. It's unclear how the dog learned to ring the bell.

Rajah was unharmed from her outdoor adventure, although her owners told WYFF she needed a thorough scrubbing.

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