'Loki' Actor Touts Costume Design Made for Nursing Mom

Sophia Di Martino auditioned for the role of Sylvie when she was heavily pregnant.

Published Jul 1, 2021

 (Sophia Di Martino, Twitter screenshot)
Image Via Sophia Di Martino, Twitter screenshot

Fans of the Disney+ show "Loki" have seen Sophia Di Martino dressed head to toe in a form-fitting black costume. In a July 1, 2021, tweet, Di Martino revealed that the costume had a feature that was invisible on screen. The costume was specifically designed with concealed zippers so she could nurse her baby while filming the series.

The British actor had a baby in late 2019. Filming for the show started in early 2020.

In the series, Di Martino plays Sylvie, a character who is female version of the main character, Loki. The two are known in the Marvel universe as the god and goddess, respectively, of mischief. Without giving too much away, the series follows both characters as they are time traveling, being pursued by an enigmatic organization called the Time Variance Authority, which is trying to detain them and prevent them from "corrupting the timeline."

Di Martino told Variety that she was heavily pregnant in September 2019, when she auditioned for the role.

The Sylvie costume was designed by Christine Wada, whose credits include the 2011 comedy "Bridesmaids" and the 2015 film "Terminal."

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