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Flight Attendant Goes Off on 'Rude' Passengers, TikTok Videos Show

According to the videos, the June 7 incident involved mask requirements and happened on an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Charlotte.

Published June 9, 2021

 (@brentunderwood (TikTok))
Image courtesy of @brentunderwood (TikTok)

A new TikTok video shows a flight attendant shaming a flight of "rude" passengers for what was referred to as insulting and mistreating the crew during a delayed departure. The video was titled: "Flight attendant goes off on rude passengers!"

The Video

According to TikTok user Brent Underwood, it was an American Airlines flight.

On June 7, the airplane was scheduled to take off from LAX airport in Los Angeles, California, and land in Charlotte, North Carolina.

'Insulted and Mistreated'

Near the beginning of the video, a passenger could be overheard saying: "I said we're sorry." The flight attendant then spoke to the passengers on the intercom:

All we've done is [be] flight attendants the entire flight. We really did [experience] the delay just like you. We have not eaten also. We've been delayed here. We've catered to you the entire flight and we do it because we love this job.

But the fact that we get insulted and mistreated by passengers over things that we cannot control. It is disgusting. We're just going to go to Charlotte because we do not want to escalate this, but shame on the passengers who have made this flight a living hell for the flight attendants.

The plane erupted into applause at the end of the flight attendant's speech.

Wearing Masks

According to additional videos also posted by @brentunderwood, the flight had been on the ground "for over an hour."

The TikTok user also claimed that a man told a flight attendant "to suck his dick when she asked him to put on his mask." The flight eventually made its way East but was "diverted to Raleigh due to bad weather." After landing in Raleigh, the flight attendant spoke again before the short flight to Charlotte:

Ladies and gentlemen, just an announcement that I need to make, and I need everyone to pay me attention right now. I understand that the delays are frustrating. This is not something we can control. But one of the things that I will not tolerate is disrespect to any of my flight attendants. We will go back to the gate and you will get arrested if you disrespect any of my flight attendants onboard.

So when we tell you to put your mask on, which is a federal mask mandate, you need to comply. Once again I will not tolerate any disrespect to any of my flight attendants. It is a 30-minute flight down to Charlotte, but I will be happy to go back to the gate and leave you with the cops right here in Raleigh.

The video ends with the flight attendant saying that they were "going back to the gate." According to the video, this was because one of the passengers called the flight attendant a "drama queen."

We reached out to American Airlines as well as Underwood, the person who shot the videos of the "rude" passengers, for more details. We will update this story should more information come to light.

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