'Eggs for Hotel Breakfast' Video Viewed 17M Times in 6 Days

Not the first TikTok video to go viral after revealing how food was prepared in a commercial kitchen.

Published June 1, 2021

Updated June 25, 2021
Image courtesy of TikTok

A new TikTok video posted on May 25 has been viewed nearly 17 million times and received nearly 40,000 shares. The video, titled "Watch Me Make Eggs for Hotel Breakfast," appears to show scrambled eggs being prepared for a buffet at a hotel.

The Video

In the video, blue bags of ready-made scrambled eggs are pulled from a refrigerator or freezer and heated up in a microwave. At the end of the clip, the eggs are poured into a buffet serving container for hotel guests.

A TikTok video purportedly showing a woman making eggs for a hotel breakfast was viewed millions of times.
The TikTok user claimed that the eggs were "fake."

The top comment with 123,000 likes said: "I'm gonna show this to my mom who always forced me to wake up at 6am for the hotel breakfast."

Another commented: "So y'all gonna stop eating processed foods and McDonald's too?"

"Someone's losing their job," another person remarked. The creator of the video responded: "Still here babyyyyy me and the bosses laughed about it."

Comments were later turned off. This appeared to have removed many of the shares from the video's share count.

A similar video was later posted by the same user that showed different clips of eggs and other items being prepared for the hotel's breakfast. None of these videos appeared to show anything wrong with the food, but as we've seen in previous videos, some viewers are shocked at how ready-made food is prepared.

'Fake Eggs'

In another video, the TikTok user who posted the viral clip claimed to be a night receptionist who prepares some breakfast items before other staff members arrive in the morning.

The video poster also called the eggs "fake," and said in a comment that "there's honestly nothing wrong with the rest of the breakfast just the eggs are nasty!"

Both videos may have been recorded at a Holiday Inn Express in London, England.

TikTok and Food Prep

This was not the first time a TikTok video went viral after documenting the way food was prepped at a commercial establishment. Such videos appeared many times in 2020 and early 2021.

For example, we previously reported about videos that purportedly "exposed" Taco Bell's refried beans, the breakfast and McRib at McDonald's, and frozen food at Panera Bread. None of these videos appeared to show anything wrong with the food; but again, some viewers may have been surprised to learn that fast food is not made from fresh ingredients.

We contacted a spokesperson for IHG Hotels & Resorts, which operates Holiday Inn Express and a number of other hotel brands. We asked about the video that showed eggs being prepared for a hotel breakfast buffet and inquired if the hotel chain uses the blue bags of scrambled eggs. In response, they told us that they "reviewed the content and couldn’t see any mention of Holiday Inn Express" and "wouldn’t have anything to add."


On June 25, 2021, an update was made in regard to where the viral video may have been recorded.

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