Video Shows 'Come From Away' Broadway Cast Reuniting After 425 Days

A TikTok video showed the cast of the Broadway musical "Come from Away" returning to the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre on West 45th Street.

Published May 10, 2021

Courtesy: Teale Dvornik/@thebackstageblonde (Teale Dvornik/@thebackstageblonde (TikTok))
Courtesy: Teale Dvornik/@thebackstageblonde (Image Via Teale Dvornik/@thebackstageblonde (TikTok))

On May 9, 2021, a TikTok video was posted by Teale Dvornik (@thebackstageblonde). By the next day, it had been viewed nearly 500,000 times. It showed the cast of the musical "Come from Away" returning to Broadway for the first time in 425 days.

The video showed a line of people on the sidewalks cheering cast members, and perhaps some crew, as they walked to the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre on West 45th Street.

The Day Broadway Went Dark

On March 12, 2020, Broadway essentially canceled all performances due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Initially, reported that the closure would only last for one month through April 12. Broadway stage performances ended up being shut down for well over a year.

Returning This September

When the cast of "Come from Away" returned to Broadway in early May 2021, the official YouTube channel for the musical published a special video.

In the video, it said: "Our 'Come from Away' family came back together for the first time in 425 days." It also announced that performances would resume in September 2021.

Tony Award Nominations and Performance

In 2017, "Come from Away" was nominated for seven Tony Awards. The cast also performed "Welcome to the Rock" on the live television broadcast.

The musical won one of the seven nominations, with Christopher Ashley receiving a Tony Award for "Best Direction of a Musical."

The True Story of 'Come from Away'

According to, "Come from Away" is a story of triumph and the human spirit in the aftermath of tragedy:

"Come from Away" is based on the true story of when the isolated community of Gander, Newfoundland played host to the world. What started as an average day in a small town turned in to an international sleep-over when 38 planes, carrying thousands of people from across the globe, were diverted to Gander’s air strip on September 11, 2001.

Undaunted by culture clashes and language barriers, the people of Gander cheered the stranded travelers with music, an open bar and the recognition that we’re all part of a global family.

"Come from Away" is currently set to reopen on Broadway on Sept. 21, 2021. Tickets appeared to be available for purchase on the musical's official website.

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