Copypasta Falsely Claims Kamala Harris Is 'Marxist by Association'

Despite vague assertions in a piece of Facebook copypasta about the incoming vice president's associations, Harris isn't a Marxist.

Published Jan 19, 2021

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE - JANUARY 16:  U.S. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris speaks during an announcement January 16, 2021 at the Queen theater in Wilmington, Delaware. President-elect Joe Biden has announced key members of his incoming White House science team.  (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) (Alex Wong / Getty Images)
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In the days leading up to the Jan. 20, 2021, inauguration of U.S. President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, a piece of copypasta went viral on social media containing a frequent smear from the right against Democratic political figures. The piece accused Harris of having "Close Ties with Marxists, Communists, Maoists, and Socialists."

One example of the copypasta began as follows (you can read the full text of the post at the end of this article):

As it floated around Facebook, copy and pasted from profile to profile, the piece and its origins became more convoluted. Different postings attributed it to various authors, some crediting a writer for the conservative blog RedState and others crediting a retired Marine Corps major general.

The post basically draws on "guilt by association," a logical fallacy that ascribes a perceived negative behavior to a person simply by associating them with others. In this case, the piece lists a number of Kamala Harris' personal and professional associations and claims those associations have "ties" to communism, with the unstated assumption that Harris herself must be a communist, since all those other people are.

This assumption isn't true — Harris is a Democrat, an American political party that is left-of-center but overall more conservative than many left-wing parties abroad. She is not viewed by American progressives as being as far to the left as they are, and in fact was disparagingly called a "cop" by some on the left who found her career as a prosecutor disagreeable.

In November 2020, Harris posted a tweet about equality versus equity that some Republicans claimed was "Marxist" in its message. The tweet contained a video in which Harris acknowledged that inequality built into the system causes some people to start out at a disadvantage, and cites the need to level the playing field.

In all, Harris has sometimes been seen as not far left enough by progressives and too far left by those on the right. As a presidential candidate in the Democratic primaries, however, Harris wasn't viewed as being among the more progressive candidates, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, and U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts.

Despite its origins and text being muddled by repeatedly being copied and pasted around Facebook, it appears the source of the text was Trevor Loudon, a contributor for the Epoch Times. As we reported in the past:

"The Epoch Times was founded by Chinese-American adherents to a spiritual movement and meditation practice known as Falun Gong. That news outlet has in recent years, as reported by BuzzFeed News and NBC News, transformed into a misinformation-laden, pro-Trump mouthpiece."

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a non-profit organization that tracks extremist ideology, described Loudon as a "far right conspiracy theorist" who is "known for seeing communist infiltrators everywhere and claims the political left are working with so-called Islamists to overthrow the United States."

This copypasta doubtlessly circulated on social media because of the upcoming inauguration, but Loudon's piece was originally published on Oct. 14, 2020. It was reposted about two weeks later to the website of the political action committee Combat Veterans for Congress.

The copypasta covers (in the most sensational of terms) various known facts about Harris' parents. They met while students at University of California, Berkeley, and they were involved in the Afro American Association, a student group whose members founded the Black Panther movement.

It also alleges that Harris' father Donald Harris, a Stanford economics professor from whom Kamala Harris is estranged, is a Marxist, which appears to be spun up from a 1976 entry in the Stanford Daily student newspaper. It also draws on the fact that Harris dated San Francisco Mayor and California State Assembly Speaker Willie Brown in the 1990s, making the unfounded claim that Brown is "widely regarded as one of the Chinese Communist Party's best friends in the San Francisco Bay area."

The copypasta meme also makes winding suppositions about the "Marxist ties" of other people in Harris' circle, such as a community activist she worked with as San Francisco's district attorney and her sister Maya, but offers no proof beyond vague statements and assumptions about friends of friends. For example, the copypasta states Maya Harris went to college with someone who was a campus "Marxist-Leninist" affiliated with a group that was "pro-Chinese Communist."

Since the claim about him has been made by various publications, we sent Donald Harris an email to ask how he would describe his political ideology, but didn't receive a response in time for publication. We also found no evidence for the assertion that Brown, who is retired, has a relationship of any sort with the Chinese government.

Nevertheless, we note that despite Joseph McCarthy-like rhetoric, Marxism is an economic and political ideology that some farther left on the political spectrum ascribe to. We also note that the political beliefs of people in Vice President-elect Harris' circle don't automatically constitute hers.

For reference, the full text of the copypasta read as follows in one example:

Here is a timely editorial that exposes the hidden background of Kamala Harris from the Combat Veterans for Congress Political Action Committee that is posted here with permission of the author. CVFC PAC supports the election of US military combat veterans to the US Senate and House of Representatives. The editorial begins:

Kamala Harris’ father was an avowed Marxist professor in the Economics Department at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. Both of Harris’ parents were active in the Berkeley based Afro- American Association; Fidel Castro and Che Guevara were the heroes of the Afro-American Association.

The group’s leader, Donald Warden (aka Khalid al-Mansour), mentored two young Afro-American Association members, Huey Newton and Bobby Seale; they created the Maoist inspired Black Panther Party which gained strong support from Communist China; the Black Panther Party served as the model for creation of the Black Lives Matter Marxist organization Khalid al-Mansour subsequently went on to arrange financing and facilitated for Barack Hussein Obama to be accepted as a student to matriculate at Harvard Law School.

Following her graduation from college, Harris returned to California and subsequently became the mistress of the 60-year-old married Speaker of the California Assembly, Willie Brown, Jr. Brown’s political campaigns were supported and funded by Dr. Carlton Goodlett, the owner of The Sun Reporter and several other pro-Communist newspapers. Brown was elected as Mayor of San Francisco, and strongly endorsed Harris’ Marxist political philosophy; he guided Harris' political rise in California politics, leading to her election as California’s Attorney General. Willie Brown, Jr. was a well-known long-time Communist sympathizer. Willie Brown, Jr. was initially elected to public office with the substantial help of the Communist Party USA. Today, Willie Brown is widely regarded as one of the Chinese Communist Party’s best friends in the San Francisco Bay Area.

While serving as San Francisco District Attorney, Kamala Harris mentored a young San Francisco Radical Maoist activist, Lateefah Simon, who was a member of the STORM Revolutionary Movement; Simon currently chairs the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Board. Simon has always been close friends with the founder of Black Lives Matter Marxist Domestic Terrorists, Alicia Garza, as well as STORM member and avowed Communist, Van Jones. Harris has been openly and aggressively supporting Black Lives Matter Marxists; Kamala Harris is still closely associated with Maoist Lateefah Simon and Marxist Alicia Garza.

Kamala Harris’s sister Maya Harris was a student activist at Stanford University. She was a closely associated with Steve Phillips, one of the leading Marxist-Leninists on campus and a long-time affiliate with the League of Revolutionary Struggle, a pro-Chinese Communist group. Phillips came out of the Left, and in college he studied Marx, Mao, and Lenin, and maintained close associations with fellow Communists. Phillips married into the multi billion dollar Sandler family of the Golden West Savings and Loan fortune. He funded many leftist political campaigns, and the voter registration drives in the Southern and South Western states in order to help his friend, Barack Hussein Obama, defeat Hillary Clinton. Phillips has been a major financial sponsor for Kamala Harris’s political campaigns for various California elective offices.

Harris' husband, Doug Emhoff works for the law firm DLA Piper, which “boasts nearly 30 years of experience in Communist China with over 140 lawyers dedicated to its ‘Communist China Investment Services’ branch. He was just appointed to Professor at Yale to school future lawyers in the fine points of Communism. When she was elected to the US Senate, Kamala Harris appointed a Pro-Communist Senate Chief of Staff, Karine Jean-Pierre. Jean-Pierre was active with the New York-based Haiti Support Network. The organization worked closely with the pro-Communist China/Communist North Korea Workers World Party and supported Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the far-left Communist former president of Haiti and the radical Lavalas movement.

Fortunately for Harris, but potentially disastrous for the Republic, elected office holders are not subject to the security clearance process. If the FBI did a Background Investigation on Kamala Harris, she never would have passed, because of her 40-year close ties with Marxists, Communists, Maoists, and Communist China. Harris would never have been approved for acceptance to any of the 5 Military Service Academies, been appointed to a US Government Sub-Cabinet position, or would have been approved to fill a sensitive position for a high security defense contractor. Yet, since Joe Biden was elected, Harris could be a heartbeat away from being President.

The US constitutional Republic is being threatened by the People’s Republic of Communist China (PPC) externally, and by of their very active espionage operations within the United States. The People’s Republic of Communist China (PPC), with 1.4 billion people, is governed by the 90 million member Chinese Communist Party (CCP), that has been working with Russia to destroy the US Constitutional Republic for over 70 years.

The CCP operates a massive global intelligence network through its Ministry of State Security. The CCP operates a vast intelligence network in the U.S as well. It is made up, not merely of intelligence operatives working for the Ministry of State Security, but it is also made up of a myriad of business and industry officials, Chinese scholar associations, and 370,000 Chinese students currently attending American universities. It also operates the Confucius Institute indoctrination and intelligence gathering centers in the US on 67 University campuses and in seventeen K-12 Public School Districts. The Confucius Centers are staffed by Communist Chinese intelligence operatives. Refer to this.

Kamala Harris is now involved with the Biden Family Business, and is supporting Joe Biden, who has worked closely with Communist China for 12 years. Joe’s son, Hunter Biden, is the point of contact for developing the off-shore Biden Family Businesses in Ukraine, Russia, Communist China, Iraq, Iran, etc. Hunter was provided with a $5 million non-recourse loan for the Biden Family Business to form a partnership with the PPC; that loan was subsequently forgiven by Communist China for one dollar.

Hunter Biden was given $1.5 billion for the Biden Family Business, to strategically purchase interests in companies in the US Military Industrial Complex, whose technologies would enhance and improve Communist China’s defense industry. Hunter Biden was also instructed to try to take control of US companies involved in sourcing rare earth minerals in the United States. Hunter also received $3.5 Million from the wife of the Mayor of Moscow for some carefully hidden reason.

The Peoples Republic of Communist China has a military of two million men, including the world’s largest Navy. The United States does not have enough ships and munitions to defeat China’s Navy, absent the use of nuclear weapons. There is a famous book, Unrestricted Warfare, written in 1999 by two People’s Liberation Army colonels. It argues that war between the PRC and the U.S. is inevitable, and that when it occurs China must be prepared to use whatever means are necessary to achieve victory Refer to this.
If the American voters read the background information (in Trevor Loudon’s article) on Kamala Harris, they would never support her election as Vice President of the United States. Joe Biden is suffering from the early onset of dementia and will continue to decline in cerebral awareness; he will never be able to fill out a four-year term of office. Since Biden was elected, the Socialists, Marxists, and Communist who control Kamala Harris, are planning to enact provisions of the 25th Amendment, in order to remove Joe Biden from office, so Harris can become the first Communist President of the United States.

Since Biden was elected, because Biden would not be up to it, Kamala Harris would lead the effort to appoint very dangerous anti-American Leftist, Communist, Socialists, and Marxists to fill highly sensitive positions in the Washington Deep State Bureaucracy. She would fill all appointive positions in the US Intelligence Agencies, in the Department of Homeland Security, in the Department of Defense, in The Justice Department, the Department of State, the FBI, the CIA, most cabinet positions, the National Security Council, and in the White House Staff.

American voters must be alert their fellow Americans that Kamala Harris is a very serious National Security threat to the very survival of the US Constitutional Republic; she has been a fellow traveler of Marxists, Communists, Maoists, Socialists, Progressives, and Chinese Communists for over 35 years. President Trump had much more background information on Kamala Harris than we presented here, and he was correct, when he accused Kamala Harris of being a Communist subverter.

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