Nov. 22 Last Day to Enter Burger King's PS5 Sweepstakes

Burger King guests who purchase the 2 for $5 deal in the US will have a chance at winning a PlayStation 5 console.

Published Nov 21, 2020

Sunday, Nov. 22 is the last day to enter a Sony PS5 sweepstakes promotion being run in partnership with Burger King restaurants in the U.S.

Burger King guests who purchase the 2 for $5 deal will have a chance at winning a PS5 console. Here’s how:

1) Register on the BK App or to participate in the promotion. When you purchase a 2 for $5 deal, or make a $5 or greater purchase on the BK App,, or in-restaurant, you will earn one game token. If you purchase in-restaurant, be sure to hold on to your receipt. You’ll need receipt info to enter.

2) You can then use that game token to play a digital scratch-off game in the BK app or for a chance to win a PS5 console, PlayStation game codes, or BK coupons.

This promotion runs through Nov. 22.

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