Live Updates: Snopes Coverage of 2020 U.S. Election Day

If the campaign season is any indication, misinformation is likely to fill social media feeds Tuesday. Get the facts here.

Published Nov. 2, 2020

Voting in the 2020 U.S. Election may be over, but the misinformation keeps on ticking. Never stop fact-checking. Follow our post-election coverage here.

This liveblog is complete — but our job's not done. Read our post-election fact-checking liveblog.

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Trump Falsely Claimed Victory | Biden's 'Green Mile' Remarks | California Holiday Gathering Guidelines | Trump Tweeted "Racist Baby"? | Social Media Platform Election Efforts | McConnell and Cocaine? | Why Voters Wore Pearls | Amish Buggies for Trump | Obama Admin. Built Cages | Penn. Poll Worker Controversy | Biden on Work Visas | Trump in Dumpster? | Giuliani Misattributed Quote | Kullberg Network Reemerges | Trump's "Losers," "Suckers" Remarks | Pennsylvania Absentee Rumor | Georgia Election "Cheating" | Memphis BLM Shirt Controversy | 'Antifa's Plan?' | Sam Elliott Endorses Biden? | 'Illegal Campaigning' in Philadelphia | Voting Misinfo Robocalls Target Michigan Voters | Biden Campaign Logo is 'Three Red Banners?' | Philadelphia Polling Sign 'Violation' | FBI Investigating Biden Bus Incident? | A Guide to Voter Intimidation | 'Super-Predators?' | Doctors Get Paid for COVID-19 Diagnoses? | 'America is Great Because She is Good?' | Biden Bans Fracking? | Michigan's 'Man of the Year' | Background and Previous Claims

Tuesday marks the end of campaigning and the beginning of all-encompassing vote-counting in the U.S. 2020 presidential election between U.S. President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

As the internet's premier fact-checking site, we've been gauging the truth behind the candidates' claims since the beginning of the race (see a collection of fact checks involving Trump here and Biden here), as well as rumors about the voting process and what Americans can expect on this historic day.

Now, we're preparing new fact checks to combat misinformation about the election's results. We will also be introducing a new post format we're calling unrated "non-fact checks." We'll use those posts to send up a flare about rumors/misinformation for which we may not have enough information for a complete fact check with a truth rating, but that we want to warn audiences about anyway.

The election process extends days, if not weeks, after Americans cast votes on election night. Even during typical cycles when a pandemic isn't limiting in-person polling and likely to cause a surge in mail-in voting — a method of ballot-casting that can take officials longer to tally — states are unable to count all ballots and legally certify results in one night.

Nonetheless, news reporters often "call" races on election night based on votes counted shortly after polls close. Those media reports are projections, not legally sanctioned results.

Snopes' team of reporters and editors will monitor those reports closely since they could erroneously bolster beliefs that one candidate has won and delegitimize the official vote-counting process after election night. Already, the Trump campaign is trying to weaken Americans' trust in the process by repeating unsubstantiated claims of criminal activity when, in reality, cases of voter fraud are minuscule in comparison to the number of ballots cast in U.S. elections.

Additionally, if election night results lean in Biden's favor, new problems could arise. Trump has repeatedly declined to commit to accepting the results of the election if he loses, which could result in an unprecedented constitutional crisis.

Make sense of what you're hearing and seeing on Tuesday with Snopes' live fact checking below.

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Trump Falsely Claimed Victory

Nov. 4, 4:06am ET/1:06am PT
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Biden's 'Green Mile' Remarks

Nov. 3, 11:55pm ET/8:55pm PT
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California Holiday Gathering Guidelines

9:28pm ET/6:28pm PT
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Trump Tweeted "Racist Baby"?

8:50pm ET/5:50pm PT
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Social Media Platform Election Efforts

8:46pm ET/5:46pm PT
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McConnell and Cocaine?

7:54pm ET/4:54pm PT
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Why Voters Wore Pearls

7:26pm ET/4:26pm PT
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Amish Buggies for Trump

6:36pm ET/3:36pm PT
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Obama Admin. Built Cages

6:19pm ET/3:19pm PT
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Penn. Poll Worker Controversy

5:49pm ET/2:49pm PT
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Biden on Work Visas

5:47pm ET/2:47pm PT
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Trump in Dumpster?

5:22pm ET/2:22pm PT
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Giuliani Misattributed Quote

4:30pm ET/1:30pm PT
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Kullberg Network Reemerges

3:32pm ET/12:32pm PT
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Trump's "Losers," "Suckers" Remarks

3:15pm ET/12:15pm PT
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Pennsylvania Absentee Rumor

3:06pm ET/12:06pm PT
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Bush Endorses Biden?

2:58pm ET/11:58am PT
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Georgia Election "Cheating"

2:53pm ET/11:53am PT
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Memphis BLM Shirt Controversy

2:31pm ET/11:31am PT
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'Antifa's Plan?'

1:53pm ET/10:53am PT
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Sam Elliott Endorses Biden?

1:34pm ET/10:34am PT
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RUMOR ALERT: 'Illegal Campaigning' in Philadelphia

1:20pm ET/10:20am PT
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Voting Misinfo Robocalls Target Michigan Voters

12:54pm ET/9:54am PT
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Biden Campaign Logo is 'Three Red Banners?'

12:44pm ET/9:44am PT
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RUMOR ALERT: Philadelphia Polling Sign 'Violation'

12:12pm ET/9:12am PT
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FBI Investigating Biden Bus Incident?

11:48am ET/8:48am PT
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A Guide to Voter Intimidation

11:18am ET/8:18am PT
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10:42am ET/7:42am PT
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Doctors Get Paid for COVID-19 Diagnoses?

10:15am ET/7:15am PT
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'America is Great Because She is Good?'

9:52am ET/6:52am PT
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Biden Bans Fracking?

9:41am ET/6:41am PT
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Michigan's 'Man of the Year'

9:14am ET/6:14am PT
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Background and Previous Claims

8:58am ET/5:58am PT
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