Woman Named Crystal Methvin Arrested for Drug Possession

Florida police arrested the woman on drug charges after they allegedly found her in possession of methamphetamines.

Image via Bjoern Wylezich / Shutterstock.com

In May 2016, a woman named Crystal Methvin was arrested on drug possession charges in St. Augustine, Florida, after police allegedly found methamphetamines (often called “crystal meth”) in her car.

That may sound like the beginning of an outlandish satire story — we’ve covered dozens of similar sounding fake news stories involving outlandish crimes, bizarre mugshots, and oddly named crooks — but a woman named Crystal Methvin truly was booked in St. John’s County Jail on 26 May 2018 on drug possession charges:

A local news report from WFLA noted that Methvin and a man named Douglas Nickerson were arrested after a police search of their car yielded drug paraphenalia and a substance that field tested positive for methamphetamines:

Police searched the vehicle and found drug paraphernalia and a substance that field tested positive for crystal meth.

Crystal Methvin and Douglas Nickerson were arrested on drug possession charges.

According to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Jail Log, Methvin has been picked up on drug charges at least fourteen times since 1998. It’s unclear if any of the other arrests involved crystal meth — although they always involved Crystal Methvin.

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