Multiple Victims Shot, Killed at South Texas Church

A man who reportedly walked in during services at Sutherland Springs' First Baptist Church and began shooting was "taken down," authorities say.

Published Nov 5, 2017

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Multiple people are reported dead after a man walked into Sutherland Springs' First Baptist Church in during services and began shooting:

The FBI and Texas Rangers have secured the area around the church and are investigating.


The church is located in the 500 block of 4th Street in the small, south Texas town about 40 miles east of San Antonio.

Authorities say that children are among the victims:

Another local official who wished to remain anonymous said there are at least 25 dead and 15 wounded. Eight of the wounded were transported to Brooke Army Medical Center and and seven others to area hospitals.

At least 10 victims were transported to Connally Memorial Medical Center in Floresville, said spokeswoman Megan Posey. She could not speak to their age or gender, but said there are multiple victims with gunshot wounds, and some have had to be taken by helicopter to a different treatment center.

However, first responders have yet to specify how many people were wounded and killed:

However, early reports indicate a devastating death toll for a fifty-member congregation in a community of fewer than a thousand people:

At least six helicopters took victims to nearby hospitals. The gunman was reportedly "taken down" by law enforcement and is now dead.

Sutherland Springs is about 30 miles southeast of San Antonio, Texas.


Brooke Binkowski is a former editor for Snopes.

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