McDonald's 'Fundamentally Superfluous Frork' Is a Sneaky Burger Promo

The "frork," a fork made of french fries, is a gimmick to promote a new line of burgers and sandwiches.

Published May 2, 2017

McDonald's revealed its "frork" (a fork with french fry tines) in a 1 May 2017 YouTube video designed to resemble "As Seen On TV" style advertisements.

In the clip, well-known gadget hawker Anthony Sullivan uses his infomercial style to describe the frork, which he bills as an antidote to messy burger topping spills:

The video's description, which directs viewers to a web site promoting a new line of "Signature Crafted Recipes," reads:

McDONALD’S AND ANTHONY SULLIVAN HERE (yes, THAT Anthony Sullivan) for our new favorite utensil. It’s like a fork, but with fries… a fry fork… a Frork™! It’s the perfect(ish) utensil for picking up any premium toppings that may fall out of our new Signature Crafted Recipes burgers and chicken sandwiches.

And that’s not all! Call 1-844-McD-FRORK (623-3767) NOW or visit to find out how you might get your very own Frork™.

We can’t WAIT to show you what’s next!

Callers to the line were initially offered a coupon for a free sandwich, but as of 2 May 2017 the promotion had been fully claimed. Instead, a message now tells callers that from 4 to 8 May 2017, participating locations are offering a free medium fry and drink with any Signature Crafted Recipes purchase.

Marketing the sandwiches via the "uselessly useful" frork was not dissimilar to the chain's promotion of menu items like the Shamrock Shake and McRib, both available for a limited time presumably to concentrate and boost sales. Willy Staley, who wrote about the McRib's frightful power for The Awl, said:

One of McDonald’s most divisive products, the McRib, made its return last week. For three decades, the sandwich has come in and out of existence, popping up in certain regional markets for short promotions, then retreating underground to its porky lair — only to be revived once again for reasons never made entirely clear. Each time it rolls out nationwide, people must again consider this strange and elusive product, whose unique form sets it deep in the Uncanny Valley — and exactly why its existence is so fleeting.

While the frork appears to be a legitimate McDonald's product, the item is purportedly available for one day "while supplies last." Obtaining a frork is conditional upon the purchase of a Signature Crafted Sandwich. McDonald's did not disclose how many frorks were available per participating location for their 5 May 2017 debut.

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Kim LaCapria is a former writer for Snopes.