Pennsylvania police are reporting that the manhunt for Steve Stephens, a suspect who apparently aired the fatal shooting of a “random” victim via Facebook on Easter Sunday has come to and end with Stephens’ killing himself:

In that horrifying video, the suspect pulled up to an elderly man who was walking on the side of the road, ordered the man to say a woman’s name, and pulled out a gun. When the elderly man told the suspect he didn’t know the woman, the suspect pulls the trigger, shoots the man in the head, and leaves him in a bloody pool on the sidewalk:

The suspect, Steve Stephens, said in a separate video post that he had killed 13 people and was looking to kill more victims:

Cleveland police chief Calvin Williams confirmed that one killing had taken place (the victim was identified as 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr.) but said police did not know of anyone else who might have been shot by Stephens.

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