'Labyrinth' Sequel in Early Production Stages

A sequel to the cult classic is slated to begin production in late 2017.

Published Apr 14, 2017

 (Movieclips Trailer Vault / YouTube)
Image Via Movieclips Trailer Vault / YouTube

A sequel to the 1980s cult classic Labyrinth is apparently in the early stages of production.

Less than a year after the death of star David BowieLabyrinth, reports indicate that the sequel is set to begin filming in fall 2017:

Fede Alvarez, the filmmaker behind last year's sleeper hit Don't Breathe, is tackling a sequel to Labyrinth, the 1986 Jim Henson movie that starred David Bowie, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Labyrinth sequel was a "continuation" of the original rather than a reboot, and Bowie's Goblin King character would not be reprised:

Insiders stress that the new project is not a remake nor a reboot but rather a continuation of the story set in the rich Henson universe. The goblin king will not be represented in the film.

A sequel to Labyrinth has been long anticipated (and rumored) by its fans. Alvarez will write and direct the film, and Jim Henson's daughter Lisa Henson will produce it. A timeline for release has not yet been reported.


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Kim LaCapria is a former writer for Snopes.

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