Netflix's 'The OA' Returning for Season Two?

The sleeper Netflix hit 'The OA' appears to have been renewed for a second season.

Published Feb 8, 2017

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Netflix's The OA was quietly released by the entertainment streaming service on 16 December 2016, garnering a rapid fan following and prompting inevitable questions about if and when a second season of the series might be released.

It seemed that the first question was answered on 8 February 2017 via The OA's Twitter and Facebook accounts. Content ostensibly announcing the second season was as ambiguous as the show, consisting of a brief clip and the caption "[s]omething always survives":

In addition to the phrase "Part II," the short video included the word "coming."

Although Netflix independently confirmed the return of The OA for a second season, no specifics about a release date were available as of this writing.


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