Arby's Adds Venison to Menu

The Arby's roast beef sandwich restaurant chain is temporarily adding venison to their menu at select locations.

Published Oct 26, 2016

Confusion and disbelief were rampant on social media after news spread that the Arby's restaurant chain, known for their roast beef sandwiches, is adding venison (i.e., deer meat) to their menu: 

While the news about Arby's venture into the world of venison came from an official press release issued by the restaurant chain, and while this news was relayed by several credible news outlets, some people were left with a few misconceptions about the news. First, Arby's is only adding venison sandwiches to the menu at a small selection (17) of their restaurants in locations where deer hunting is popular. Second, these sandwiches will only be available for a limited amount of time:


Select Restaurants in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Georgia to offer thick-cut Venison Sandwich as deer hunting season opens.

ATLANTA (October 26, 2016) – For the more than 20 Million hunters across America, the arrival of fall means Meats Season is finally here. And no restaurant understands Meats Season better than Arby’s, which is why the Fast Crafted® sandwich brand will release a Venison Sandwich in popular hunting markets beginning in early November.

The Venison Sandwich at Arby’s features a thick-cut venison steak and crispy onions topped with a juniper berry sauce on a toasted specialty roll. The venison is marinated in garlic, salt and pepper and then cooked for three hours to juicy, tender perfection. The juniper berry sauce is a Cabernet steak sauce infused with juniper berries, giving the already unique sandwich another signature twist.

“Hunters hunt the meats, and we have the meats, so it makes sense for us to connect with them and offer a sandwich that they can’t get at any other restaurant chain,” said Rob Lynch, Chief Marketing Officer and Brand President of Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc. “We’re a brand that’s not afraid to take risks and while the Venison sandwich is probably the biggest stretch for us yet, it’s incredibly delicious and we can’t wait to get it in the hands of our guests. You won’t leave a hunt empty-handed after stopping by Arby’s."

The full press release, which includes the location and dates where these venison sandwiches will be available, can be found here

Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.

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