'Sorry I Tased You' Cake

A photograph does not show a "sorry I tased you" cake baked or bought by a police officer to apologize to a civilian for using a stun gun on her.

Published Sep 30, 2016

On 29 September 2016, the New York Post published an article reporting that a police officer had baked a "sorry I tased you" cake to apologize to a Florida woman for using a stun gun on her:

Former deputy Michael Wohlers apparently wanted to show his remorse after he shot an apartment complex worker with a stun gun in the chest and neck in June 2015, according to a lawsuit.

Wohlers was allegedly arguing with the worker, Stephanie Byron, over a glass of sweet tea in the office, after Wohlers, who was off duty, took her glass and refused to give it back. The suit claims that he acted “aggressive” toward Byron and other employees in the office.

Attorneys for Wohler denied the allegations, but he did seem to take responsibility for some wrongdoing on a pastry. According to court documents, the former cop baked a cake for Byron with the phrase “Sorry I Tased You” in blue icing.

That article referenced a later-updated 28 September 2016 Pensacola News Journal piece which originally reported that:

The complaint claims Wohlers took Byron's sweet tea from her and refused to give it back. When Byron approached Wohlers to retrieve the drink, he allegedly discharged the stun gun into her chest and throat. The complaint also alleges when Byron fell to the ground, Wohlers "jumped onto Ms. Byron, kneeing her in the chest" and "forcefully removed the Taser prods."

According to court documents, Wohlers later attempted to apologize to Byron by baking her a cake.

The incident that prompted the apologetic cop to create a cake occurred in June 2015, but the image of the cake (possibly created as a joke) seen in the accompanying photograph had already appeared on the Internet more than a year beforehand, at least as early as February 2014:

sorry i tased you cake hoax

The Pensacola News Journal later issued a correction to their story, amending it to say that the officer had sent the woman a photograph of a "sorry I tased you" cake via text message — he neither baked nor bought an actual cake for her.


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Kim LaCapria is a former writer for Snopes.