Nabisco Releases Bright Red 'Swedish Fish' Flavored Oreos

The outside of the cookie is the same as always, but the inner flavoring tastes like the popular gummy candy fish.

Published Aug 12, 2016

Swedish Fish Oreos (Oreos)
Swedish Fish Oreos

Oreo cookies are well-known for occasionally coming in off-beat flavors as novelty snacks. Sometimes the flavors are seasonal, like Candy Cane. Other times, they seem to be created as a dare to snack food enthusiasts. The latest offering by the Nabisco brand is perhaps its most adventurous: Swedish Fish-flavored cookies which feature the familiar chocolate wafers surrounding bright red icing.

A Today Show contributor got her hands on a package, but she wasn't very enthusiastic about the way the cookies tasted:

The moment I opened the package, an overwhelming fragrance of the classic gummy candy permeated my desk area. To say that I was terrified as I took my first bite of the bright (almost phosphorescent) red cream-filled cookies is an understatement.

Moment of truth: Oreo may have jumped the shark with the Swedish Fish flavor. It wasn't what I was hoping for so I made the rest of the TODAY team taste them too. A majority of the editors couldn't finish a full cookie, but two die-hard Swedish Fish fans were thrilled with the taste and couldn't get enough of them.

A CBS Detroit reviewer had similar sentiments:

The creme itself tastes exactly like a Swedish Fish, so good job there (I guess). It’s tart, tangy and fruity. But when combined with the chocolate cookie, everything goes wrong. By the second bite, the Swedish Fish flavor waned and all I could taste was medicine.

So they are real, but whether this particular flavor stays around is anybody's guess. On the up side, the cream inside the cookies is costume-blood red, so they might work for color-coordinated outfits or theme parties.

Bethania Palma is a journalist from the Los Angeles area who has been working in the news industry since 2006.

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