7-Eleven Offering Free Slurpee on 7/11

2016 also marks the 50th anniversary of the convenience store chain's trademark frozen drink, which they're celebrating with "Slurpee Week."

Image via www.7-eleven.com

Every year on 11 July, popular convenience store chain 7-Eleven offers a free small Slurpee (its signature frozen drink).  While it is true that you can get free Slurpees on “7-Eleven Day,” the usual caveats — at participating stores, while supplies last — apply:

Slurpee Fiftee

2016 is the fiftieth anniversary of the Slurpee’s creation, and so the chain has unveiled new flavors for “Slurpee Fiftee“: Birthday Cake.  Participating stores will also offer birthday donuts, Slurpee-flavored cotton candy, and Slurpee-flavored Chapstick.

July 2016 also ushers in not just Slurpee Day, but Slurpee Week.  Beginning on 12 July, customers who buy seven drinks receive eleven free ones  — but only through the 18th.

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