Frito-Lay Announces 'Doritos Rainbows' LGBT Youth Partnership

Published Sep 17, 2015

NEWS:   Frito-Lay has announced the release of Doritos Rainbows to support LGBT youth through the It Gets Better project.

On 17 September 2015, Frito-Lay's Doritos brand social media pages announced a new product called Doritos Rainbows, a product that represents a fundraising initiative partnership with the LGBT youth advocacy group It Gets Better Project:

According to a page linked by the brand on social media, Doritos Rainbows are available exclusively online:

We are honored to partner with the It Gets Better Project® to create our boldest chip yet. Each bag brings rainbow-colored chips inside and an inspiring quote on the outside.

To get a bag, make a donation and share your support to inspire others. Only available online.

On Facebook, the brand also shared a video about the new product:

Limited Edition Doritos Rainbows are here. To get a bag, donate ten dollars or more and show your support. All proceeds...

Posted by Doritos on Thursday, September 17, 2015


Doritos Rainbows carry a higher price tag than their widely-available Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch counterparts, with a $10 minimum donation required to obtain a bag. In response to a user's question about what share of the proceeds would go to the It Gets Better Project, Doritos stated:

All of it! It Gets Better will get 100% of the donation.

As expected, Doritos' rainbow partnership with an LGBT youth advocacy group polarized consumers. Many pledged to purchase the limited-run chips, while others left social media comments claiming they would no longer buy Doritos at all.

Kim LaCapria is a former writer for Snopes.

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