McWhopper of a Deal

Published Aug 26, 2015

NEWS:   Burger King made a McWhopper of a proposal to McDonald's for celebrating the International Day of Peace.

On 25 August 2015, the fast food restaurant chain Burger King placed a full-page "open letter" advertisement in the New York Times seeking a temporary truce with rival fast food giant McDonald's so that the two companies could work together to create a McWhopper for the International Day of Peace:

Burger King also established a web site,, to explain some of the details of their proposal. For instance, the McWhopper would combine ingredients from Burger King's Whopper (such as a flame-broiled patty) and McDonald's Big Mac (such as McDonald's special sauce). The McWhopper would also only be available for a limited time at a pop-up store in Atlanta (halfway between Burger King's headquarters in Miami, Florida, and McDonald's headquarters in Chicago, Illinois):

Burger King genuinely wants to unite with McDonald's on September 21 2015, to prepare and serve the McWhopper and get the world talking about Peace Day. Naturally, we'll only proceed if you're on board, so we created this site to help you better understand our proposal and realize the potential.

While McDonald's didn't say no to the McWhopper, company CEO Steve Easterbrook wrote on Facebook that the two companies could do better than a burger for Peace Day:

The McWhopper doesn't exist, at least not yet. But McDonald's and Burger King may be working on something even better for Peace Day.

Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.

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