Gator Baiter

Published May 23, 2015

"Messing with a gator and he won!" That's the description of a YouTube video that shows a motorist with a camera who taunted an alligator into attacking his vehicle ... and ended up on the losing side when the reptile ripped the front end off the truck:

This video was posted to YouTube under the title "Gator vs. Truck" by user keet246 on 21 May 2014, and captures a truck approaching an alligator that opens its jaws and slowly backs away in a defensive posture. When the gator gives a warning bump to the trucks's front bumper, the driver exclaims, "Hey, watch my truck."

Nonetheless, the driver continues to slowly steer his vehicle towards the gator, which responds by viciously ripping off a section of the truck's fender. "Oh, that's nice," the driver says, "Son of a gun."

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