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Published Mar 19, 2015

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U.S. Government Eliminates Pork from Prison Menus
The federal government has removed bacon, pork chops, pork links, ham and all other pig products from the national menu for 206,000 federal inmates.

Jewel Shuping
A woman named Jewel Shuping claims a psychologist poured drain cleaner in her eyes to help her achieve her dream of blindness.

Alabama Closes Driver's License Offices
Critics accused Alabama of suppressing black votes after the state instituted provisions for requiring ID from voters and announced plans to shutter DMV locations in eight out of 10 predominantly black counties.

Peeple Bleater
A forthcoming app called 'Peeple' will purportedly function as a ratings service for private individuals.

WGN Apologizes for Holocaust Image Mistake
Chicago TV station WGN issued an apology after a Holocaust-related graphic was used in a Yom Kippur segment.

Fidel Lopez Arrested, Charged with Gruesome First-Degree Murder
Florida man Fidel Lopez, 24, has been charged with first-degree murder after the brutal killing of Maria Nemeth, 31.

Daraprim Price Hike Controversy
A New York Times article about a huge, sudden price increase for the drug Daraprim led to social media controversy.

Doritos Rainbows
Frito-Lay has announced the release of Doritos Rainbows to support LGBT youth through the 'It Gets Better Project.'

Whataburger Police Service Refusal Controversy
A Whataburger worker in Lewisville, Texas, was fired after two police officers claimed he refused to serve them.

Ahmed Mohamed Homemade Clock Arrest
Irving, Texas, teenager Ahmed Mohamed was arrested and accused of creating a 'hoax bomb' after bringing a home-assembled clock to school.

Kam Brock NYPD Incident
In March 2015, Long Island woman Kamilah (Kam) Brock said she had been involuntarily committed by the NYPD for saying President Obama followed her on Twitter.

Philadelphia Starbucks Bathroom Controversy
A police officer reported that a barista at a Philadelphia Starbucks refused him access to the bathroom because he was a cop.14 September 2015

Teal Like a Pig
A California Reddit user claimed his in-laws shot and butchered a pig with strangely blue fat.11 September 2015

Judy Carne Dies
Judy Carne, the 'sock it to me' girl of Laugh-In fame, has passed away.7 September 2015

Fetal Tissue Used for Medical Research
Recently released videos have focused attention on a medical practice previously unknown to much of the public: the sale of fetal tissue acquired from abortion clinics for medical research.24 July 2015

Disney Layoffs
Senator Bill Nelson of Florida has urged that the DHS investigate the H-1B Visa program after reports of Disney layoffs.7 June 2015

'Family Guy' and Bruce Jenner's Transformation
Did the animated series 'Family Guy' predict back in 2009 that Bruce Jenner would have gender reassignment surgery to become Caitlyn Jenner?3 June 2014

TJ Maxx apologized for an offensive shirt being sold at various locations.
19 March 2015

A dad takes his 9-month-old baby son on his first surfing ride.
17 March 2015

Rumors say Russian President Vladimir Putin has died.
13 March 2015

Brazilian Wandering Spider eggs were found in a bunch of Tesco bananas.
12 March 2015

Author Terry Pratchett has died.
12 March 2015

A pricing glitch on Amazon temporarily enabled users to purchase Doc Martens for $15.30.
11 March 2015

A group of Republican senators signed an open letter to Iran advising them on a potential nuclear treaty with the United States.
10 March 2015

Actor Leonard Nimoy passed away at the age of 83.
27 February 2015

A dress that appeared white and gold to some viewers and blue and black to others captivated the internet.
26 February 2015

Two hole punch clouds were spotted over British Columbia this week.
24 February 2015

The Urban Institute announced that hackers stole passwords and usernames from more than 700,000 charitable organizations.
24 February 2015

President Obama announced an initiative opening National Parks to fourth-graders and their families free of charge.
20 February 2015

A woman in Michigan accidentally shot and killed herself while adjusting her bra holster.
19 February 2015

The Visit Ithaca website is encouraging potential visitors to travel to Florida instead.
17 February 2015

Disney dismisses rumors about a new release date for Star Wars.
12 February 2015

A Family Feud contestant gave a funny on the spot answer about gerbils.
12 February 2015

19-year-old Texas woman Alecia Pennington claims she cannot work, go to school, or travel because her parents obstructed records of her existence.
11 February 2015

Target has started selling a line of Fifty Shades Of Grey adult toys.
11 February 2015

The mother of an infant boy posted an angry Facebook rant after her son was exposed to measles.
11 February 2015

Is John Stewart leaving The Daily Show?
10 February 2015

Life imitates satire: A newborn girl was discovered to be carrying twin fetuses in her abdomen.
10 February 2015

Photojournalist Seph Lawless captures abandoned Rolling Acres Mall eerily filled with snow.
10 February 2015

Samsung smart TVs can record and transmit private conversations.
9 February 2015

A pit bull from breeder Dark Dynasty K9 may be the largest in the world.
9 February 2015

Olympian Bruce Jenner survived a deadly three-car crash in Malibu.
7 February 2015

A 17-year-old girl poured acid on her boyfriend's genitals as punishment for his distributing a sex tape of her.
6 February 2015

Intuit temporarilly halted the transmission of state tax returns filed electronically with TurboTax.
6 February 2015

Snellville, Georgia barber claimed to give misbehaving kids a punitive "old man's haircut".
5 February 2015

The King of Jordan was rumored to be personally leading airstrikes against ISIS.
5 February 2015

A British woman claimed she found an unidentified creature in a can of tuna.
4 February 2015

Circulating articles state that a woman's claim of pregnancy discrimination was denied because "men can lactate, too."
4 February 2015

A May 2014 small plane crash was blamed in part on selfies.
3 February 2015

Facebook post attributed to pediatrician Mike Ginsberg explains strong stance on vaccines in his practice.
3 February 2015

Tom Brady gave a truck to his teammate Malcolm Butler after the Super Bowl.
3 February 2015

A 9-year-old student was suspended for threatening a classmate with a magic ring.
2 February 2015

A dachshund/pit bull mix went up for adoption in Georgia.
30 January 2015

An Arizona cardiologist recommended against childhood vaccinations.
29 January 2015

A Canadian man turned himself into police after they posted a wanted message on Facebook.
29 January 2015

Bart the Cat clawed his way back to life after being buried for five days.
28 January 2015

Lars Andersen showcases his amazing archery skills in a new YouTube video.
25 January 2015

A "no truckers allowed" sign was posted at a Walmart in North Carolina.
23 January 2015

An inappropriate epoxy glue was used to fix King Tut's broken beard.
22 January 2015

NBC launches a new NBC News Digital platform called NBC BLK.
21 January 2015

A rare frilled shark was caught off the coast of Australia.
21 January 2015

Facebook has announced an algorithm change to combat the spread of fake news.
20 January 2015

A five-year-old boy was billed $25 for a birthday party he did not attend.
19 January 2015

The NFL is investigating the New England Patriots for using deflated footballs during the AFC Championship game.
19 January 2015

Martin Pistorius spent twelve years of his life in a coma but was actually conscious most of that time.
13 January 2014

George Zimmerman has been arrested on an aggravated assault charge.
10 January 2014

A cache of orichalcum, a rare and ancient alloy, was discovered off the coast of Sicily.

9 January 2014

A military wedding was forced to change locations in order to accommodate President Obama's golf game.

29 December 2014

Jess Smith claims that she played the Sun Baby on The Teletubbies.

22 December 2014

Singer Joe Cocker passed away this morning at the age of 70.

22 December 2014

Game maker Cards Against Humanity sold 30,000 units of cow feces during a Black Friday sale.

18 December 2014

A piece of wire was reportedly found inside of a candy cane in Canada.
17 December 2014

Cam Newton was hospitalized after a car crash in Charlotte, North Carolina.
9 December 2014

General Mills is bringing the cereal French Toast Crunch back to stores in the United States.
8 December 2014

A request from Bill Cosby on Twitter for fan-submitted memes backfired spectacularly.
11 November 2014

A New York City pastor gets duped by the satirical news story about Starbucks using semen in their drinks.
7 November 2014

A Man Will Be Eaten Alive By An Anaconda On A Discovery Channel Special?
6 November 2014

Diners in New Jersey said a waitress duped them into buying a bottle of wine that cost $3,750, not "thirty-seven fifty."
5 November 2014

A giant cat appeared on Google Maps in a remote area.
27 October 2014 has a section for "fat girl costumes."
27 October 2014

Madeleine Albright mocked Conan O'Brien on Twitter.
24 October 2014

A doctor in New York City tested positive for the Ebola virus.
23 October 2014

A t-shirt ad featured little girls dressed as princesses, swearing profusely.
21 October 2014

Police believe a woman falsely reported a case of Ebola to circumvent ER wait times.
17 October 2014

A social media hoax in Anchorage claimed Ebola affected a high school.
16 October 2014

The CDC said the second healthcare worker to contract Ebola in Dallas flew back from Cleveland one day before she fell ill.
15 October 2014

Public health officials in Texas confirmed a second healthcare worker tested positive for the Ebola virus.
15 October 2014

Kim Jong-un appeared on North Korean state-run news after weeks out of the public eye.
14 October 2014

A US Airways flight attendant refuses to hang an Army Ranger's uniform jacket.
11 October 2014

Actress Jan Hooks has died.
9 October 2014

LaGuardia Airport cabin cleanrs go on strike, citing concerns over Ebola decontamination protocols.
9 October 2014

Rumors claim 7th Heaven star Stephen Collins has committed suicide.
9 October 2014

Thomas Eric Duncan has died of Ebola in Dallas.
8 October 2014

Brittany Maynard, 29, plans to die on 1 November after a diagnosis of terminal brain cancer.
8 October 2014

Rumor spreads that a patient in Kansas City was hospitalized with suspected Ebola.
7 October 2014

Lawyer Larry Klayman files a petition to deport President Barack Obama.
6 October 2014

Liberian officials may arrest an Ebola patient for traveling to the U.S. after becoming infected with the virus.
2 October 2014

Sperm bank sued for providing white couple with black donor's sample.
2 October 2014

Reporter Meg Kissinger was ordered not to speak with audience members at a campaign rally for Mary Burke featuring Michelle Obama.
1 October 2014

920 chickens were clubbed to death at a processing facility.
1 October 2014

The CDC has confirmed that a patient has tested positive for Ebola in the United States.
30 September 2014

Parents reprimanded by a Chipotle manager for changing a baby's diaper on the table wrote an angry letter to the company.
30 September 2014

A reporter covering the story of a missing boy inadvertently discovered the child, who had been hiding in the bushes.
30 September 2014

People are visiting the Apple Store to bend iPhone 6s on purpose.
29 September 2014

Border agents circumvented an attempted smuggler after noticing the man had 51 turtles in his pants.
26 September 2014

A woman in Oklahoma was beheaded by a disgruntled former co-worker.
26 September 2014

X-rays document a man in China whose body became riddled with tapeworms due to his eating sashimi.
25 September 2014

Does a recently released FBI report prove that the Sandy Hook school shooting was staged?25 September 2014

The U.S. Forest Service plans to fine photographers for taking pictures in wilderness areas without a permit.25 September 2014

Two Ebola victims have inexplicably risen from the dead.25 September 2014

"I am Darren Wilson" wristbands are being worn by police officers.24 September 2014

After a pin prick attack, the assailant says "welcome to the HIV club." 24 September 2014

iPhone 6 devices are bending in users' pockets. 24 September 2014

An "angry feminist" brings wildly inappropriate cookies to her child's second-grade classroom, becomes irate at teacher.23 September 2014

David Mikkelson founded the site now known as back in 1994.

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