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News: A dad takes his 9-month-old baby son on his first surfing ride.

Published Mar 17, 2015

Surfer Jorge Tirado took his 9-month-old son out to ride the waves in Puerto Rico, using a GoPro camera to capture the infant's reactions and post the resulting video to Vimeo.

The video footage shows the 9-month-old "facing the waves first with apprehension, and later with what appears to be enthusiastic approval."

The proud father noted in the video's comments section that this was his son's first attempt an enjoying the popular aquatic sport:

My son first try. Thanks to everyone.

I encourage you to Safely bring your kids to the ocean, after all the ocean is the place where it all began.

By far, This is the best sport for you spiritual, mental and physical health.

Although most people don't first hit the waves at nearly so young an age, Hawaiian surfer John John Florence said in an interview that when he was only 6 months old, his mother "put him in a life vest and sat him on the nose of her board."

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