Is Star Wars Getting A Summer Release Date?

News: A rumor claims that Disney may change the release date for Star Wars: Episode VII.

Published Feb 12, 2015

On 5 February 2015, the website ikwiz published a report claiming Disney was moving the release date for Star Wars: Episode VII from 18 December 2015 to this summer:

J.J. Abrams has reportedly approached Disney about moving up the Star Wars: The Force Awakens release date. This comes from the mouth of Abrams himself, addressing a group of attendees at a recent industry event, the 2015 Visual Effects Society Awards& this is awards season after-all. Apparently, his desire for secrecy does not apply in this case, as he openly expressed his frustration about the Episode VII leaks.

Adamant about the projects secrecy, Disney is reportedly taking Abrams request very seriously and is looking at a possible summer release. This would put Star Wars up against other giant franchise releases, namely Jurassic World and Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron. Does this make sense for Star Wars' highly anticipated return to the silver-screen?

There was no truth to the above-quoted report. Star Wars: Episode VII did not come out in the summer of 2015 and is still slated to be released on its originally scheduled date of 18 December 2015.

Last updated:   22 October 2015

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