Family Feud 'Gerbil' Clip

News: A 'Family Feud' contestant gave a funny on-the-spot answer about gerbils.

Published Feb 12, 2015

On 9 February 2015, the game show Family Feud

(hosted by Steve Harvey) published a video clip of an awkward moment, involving a contestant's unexpected answer, to its official YouTube channel. The clip involved opposing team members named Darci and Manny, who were asked by Harvey to "name something a doctor might pull out of a person."

As seen in the clip, Darci buzzed in to answer before Manny and replied, "a gerbil." The other contestants, Harvey, and the audience were all amused and shocked by the woman's answer, prompting her to plead, "I didn't say that ... I didn't say that." After Harvey and his guests regained their composure, Manny answered the same challenge with the more standard response of "a baby," a match that did appear on the board. ("A gerbil" was, perhaps unsurprisingly, absent from the list of surveyed responses.)

The exchange in its entirety (including Darcy's embarrassment and Harvey's incredulity) is captured in this clip:

The circulating Family Feud clip was most likely influenced by a long-circulating urban legend involving the use of hamsters or gerbils as sex toys. It also evoked a similar game show urban legend that involved a Newlywed Game question regarding the most notable place contestants had ever "made whoopee."

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