Thalia Shares Image of 'Removed Rib' on Instagram, Twitter

Mexican pop star Thalia posted 'proof' of a rib removal surgery to both Twitter and Instagram

Published Aug 12, 2014

Colombian singer Shakira performs during a concert at the Pop Festival in Asuncion Paraguay on March 8, 2011. AFP PHOTO / Pablo Burgos (Photo credit should read PABLO BURGOS/AFP via Getty Images) (Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images)
Image Via Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images

Did Latin pop star Thalia undergo rib removal surgery in order to appear slimmer?

Rib removal surgery as a cosmetic procedure has been rumored to exist for some time, and Mexican singer Thalia is one of several celebrities attached to the tale. An early entry on this site examines the breadth of this rotating claim, noting that "rib removal" rumors could date back more than a century ... and may be the result of a 19th century publicity stunt.

Thalia was a rib removal rumor subject in 2014. After the topic came up during the 5 August 2014 broadcast of Aquino and Abunda Tonight, she took to Twitter and Instagram to address the buzz, tweeting:

Over on Instagram, Thalia posted a video in which she posed alongside a jar of what appeared to be rib bones, smiling and listening to upbeat music.

As discussed at length in our previous article on the subject, rib removal surgery is a dicey proposition, and little evidence suggests that it is regularly (or even infrequently) performed purely for cosmetic reasons. Most mentions of such a procedure are "friend of a friend" tales, with few claiming to have worked with a willing surgeon to remove ribs in an attempt to achieve a more dramatically curvaceous figure.

When it comes to Thalia's claim, it's worth noting that the Instagram clip above was hashtagged with (among other phrases) #myth, and the star later admitted she was joking about undergoing a cosmetic rib removal procedure:

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