Is Steve Jobs Alive?

Is Apple co-founder Steve Jobs alive and in hiding in Rio de Janeiro?

Published Aug 7, 2014

Steve Jobs died in October of 2011 ... but the unsourced selfie displayed above, taken in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has conspiracy fans buzzing.

Over on Reddit, user TheHorseSizedDuck posted a selfie (whether it was his own, one taken by someone else, or just a Photoshop job is unclear), but this time the self-taken shot was clearly not the purpose of the photo.

In fact, it's immediately apparent that the Redditor or whoever snapped the selfie wasn't really taking a selfie at all. Instead, the guy taking the photo was instead stealthily trying to capture the image of what

is clearly a caregiver to an unwell individual pushing a wheelchair. And in that wheelchair? A person who looks strikingly like the deceased Steve Jobs, known innovator of things.

Speculation immediately began as to the ways a man with the international standing, power, and wealth of Steve Jobs could fake his death. And indeed, it's hard to imagine an individual who would not (were it possible) evade his own mortality by means not yet ready or available to the rest of us common folk.

A great many comments in the discussion of the Steve Jobs lookalike in Rio addressed experimental treatments that could theoretically have extended the Apple head's lifespan as he ailed, with one user explaining:

Steve Jobs had effectively unlimited monetary resources. He had connections with some of the smartest, most powerful people in the world. He was known for eccentricity. He was known for near sociopathic disregard for other people's feelings.


Others speculated as to what treatments might have enabled Steve Jobs to fake his death and move to Rio, while some countered that had such a vastly large conspiracy been executed at the time of Jobs' death, he wouldn't be out and about in a busy major metropolis where precisely this sort of security lapse could occur.

Quite sadly, some Reddit users with experience working with end-stage cancer patients contributed, chalking the appearance of the man and his likeness to Jobs to a commonality in appearance in the gravely or terminally ill, adding that they'd seen countless patients dying of cancer who bore similar telltale features to Jobs toward the end of his life.

You can view the original thread over on Reddit: Steve Jobs is in Rio de Janeiro, alive.

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