Claim:   Prayers are requested for Diego Mendez, a 5-year-old injured by a falling TV.


Examples:   [Collected via e-mail, August 2011]

Attention all my friends. Today I need to see this message on your walls!!! Urgent!!! I ask for a prayer for Diego Mendez (5 years old) a tv fell on his little head and hes in intensive care. Please post for at least an hour; I would for your son. Lets go for a miracle!!! It’s a prayer you may lose out on!!


Origins:   This message about a 5-year-old child named Diego Mendez supposedly injured by a falling television appears to have originated with a Spanish-language version which was translated into English. However, the lack of checkable details (e.g., contact information, date of injury, residence location, name of hospital where treatment was sought, mention of press accounts) beyond a fairly common given name and surname make it nearly impossible to verify as real without additional information.

Last updated:   24 August 2011