Claim:   Elena Burns posted disparaging remarks about soldiers on Facebook with the goal of “making her famous.”


Example:   [Collected via Facebook, June 2013]

There is a post going around FB about an Elena Burns who
apparently posted some very nasty words about soldiers. The posts quotes
her, and provides an email with the goal of “making her famous” for her


Origins:   On 10 June 2013 Facebook was abuzz with the circulation of a post like the one reproduced above, which was extremely disparaging of U.S. troops and was reportedly issued by a woman named Elena Burns (supposedly with the intent of becoming famous through the negative attention her words would garner).

All we know about this issue for now is that the Facebook account of Elena Burns has been updated to disclaim the statements attributed to her and assert that they were posted by a bully who has been stalking and harrassing her:

If you have reached my page due to a Facebook post in which it appears that I have made disparaging remarks about the men and women in our armed forces, please know that these posts are FAKE. For the past two years, I have been stalked and harrassed, and this bully has now taken to creating false posts designed to encourage others to harass and threaten me.

Please help me stop this abuse by removing these horrible posts, and informing others when you see them.

Thank you,
Elena Burns

Last updated:   10 June 2013