Claim:   Photograph shows a Christmas card featuring a family photo taken at a jail.


Example:   [Collected on the Internet, December 2011]

Anyone know if this picture, a supposed personalized Christmas card showing a couple where the man is apparently in prison, is legit? I searched the website and got no hits for anything like it.


Origins:   This purported image of a Christmas card featuring a photo of a woman visiting an incarcerated relative or significant other first hit our inbox in December 2011. We don’t know the specific origins of this version, but given the fact that the original picture (minus the holiday additions) was posted to Lamebook over a year earlier (and showed up in cropped form two years before that), we suspect the image started out as an ordinary picture which other have since repurposed for the sake of creating spoofs which play on the incongruity of a couple’s seemingly engaging in an upbeat photo pose at a place of detention:

Last updated:   24 December 2011