Why are AP articles on Snopes.com?

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Our priority is original fact-checking and investigative reporting, however, Snopes also publishes a small selection of Associated Press (AP) articles to help us address as many reader queries as possible. Our team works hard but we can’t cover it all.

With an AP subscription we can more quickly respond to queries, as well as make search results on Snopes.com more reliable for loyal readers.

The AP describes itself as an independent, not-for-profit cooperative that has been reporting the news for almost two centuries. The AP is widely esteemed for its reporting, evidenced by a pile of prestigious awards, not to mention the fact that it is distributed by thousands of publications and newsrooms around the world.

We don’t run everything they publish. AP articles and photographs you find on Snopes.com are curated and posted to our site by members of our editorial team. These stories may include U.S. politics, entertainment, and breaking news, among other topics. We try to select stories that will interest and serve our readers the most.

Wondering how to identify an AP story on Snopes.com?
All AP stories are clearly labeled. Check either the category label at the top of the story or the byline located underneath the headline. For example:

Have a question or concern about an AP story you read on Snopes.com? Consider reaching out to AP directly.

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