I’m logged in but still seeing ads. How do I enable ad-free browsing?

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First, please make sure your account has a membership. Memberships can be purchased here.

If you’re logged in to your Snopes Account and you are a member, navigate to your member profile by clicking the button next to our search bar on the top right corner of Snopes.com. Scroll down your account page and make sure the “Disable Ads” toggle button is turned “on” to browse Snopes without ads.

If you have created and logged into your Snopes Account before purchasing your membership, you’ll need to log out and back in before you can turn on ad-free browsing. To log out, click the “Log Out” link located in the footer on the bottom of Snopes.com, and then visit snopes.com/login to log back in.

If you’ve followed these steps but still seeing ads, please contact us at accounts@snopes.com and we’ll help.

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