I can’t get my login code from my email inbox without closing the login page. What should I do?

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To access Snopes’ membership services, you’ll need to keep your login page open while you check your email. We recommend tabbed browsing for desktop users.

If you’re on a desktop computer or laptop computer:

First, note that Snopes.com only supports modern browsers like Safari, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, and we recommend that they’re updated to their latest versions.

If you’re on a desktop or laptop device, you’ll need to have two browser tabs open to log into Snopes. If you navigate away from www.snopes.com/login, your session will reset.

We recommend opening a separate tab in your browser to view your email and then returning to your login tab once you have obtained the login code from your inbox. Most modern browsers use the shortcut Command + T on MacOS or Control + T on Windows to open new tabs. Once your tabs are open, you can navigate to other browser tabs by simply clicking on them. Tabs are usually organized near the top of your browser window.

Once you’ve entered your email address into the Snopes login page and your new tab is open, navigate to your email inbox, find your code, then return to your previous browser tab to enter it to continue.

If you’re on a mobile device like a phone or tablet:

Some mobile devices open browsers from within your email app that don’t support multitasking or tabbed browsing. We’re looking at solutions for mobile devices that are less cumbersome and appreciate your patience in the meantime.

For now, try opening a separate browser on your mobile device (like Safari or Chrome) and navigating to www.snopes.com/login. Once you’ve entered your email address, return to your email client to receive the login code, then return to your browser to enter it.

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