Did the News Media Ignore a Black Conservative Event at the White House?

A Facebook post claiming that news outlets ignored the Young Black Leadership Summit ignored several reports of attendees' encounter with President Donald Trump.

  • Published 8 November 2018


The news media ignored the Young Black Leadership Summit event held in Washington, D.C., in October 2018.



The “Liberal Privilege” Facebook group attempted to cast African-American conservatives as the objects of media bias with a claim that news outlets had ignored the Young Black Leadership’s October 2018 summit in Washington, D.C. “Liberal Privilege” posted a photograph taken at the Young Black Leadership Summit event along with the caption “Largest gathering of black conservatives in history — Media silent”:

While we cannot gauge whether this event was truly the “largest” gathering of black conservatives ever, the notion that the news media ignored it does not hold up.

Hosted by conservative activist group Turning Point USA, the event drew media attention following a address delivered to attendees by President Donald Trump on 26 October 2018. That event was covered by national news outlets such as NBC News, the Washington Post, USA Today, and the New York Post.

Additional coverage was provided by the UK’s Guardian and African-American-oriented news sites such as NewsOne and The Root, among others.

The Washington Post also reported on an appearance before the Young Black Leadership Summit by sports pundit Jason Whitlock a day after the group met with the president.