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Did a Group Set New Record for World's Longest Charcuterie Board?

The meat and cheese table was said to measure 315.3 feet long.

Published Oct 3, 2021

Updated Oct 5, 2021
Homemade cheese and charcuterie board, includes crackers, fruit, olives, meat and cheese cutting and serving utensils on large cutting board. Captured with camera positioned directly above subject. Sony a7 and Leica Summicron 35mm at ISO 250 and 1/60th second shutter speed. (Getty Images)
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In late September 2021, a group of New York foodies broke a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest charcuterie board measuring 315.3 feet long.

One group of New York foodies set out to cheese the day in late September 2021 by shattering a new record for the world’s longest charcuterie board. The 72,000-member strong Facebook group 315 Foodies, an homage to Central New York’s food scene, constructed a 315.3-foot-long charcuterie board on Sept. 26 in Veterans Memorial Park in Little Falls, New York.

A video of the vent was shared on Sept. 26 by New York radio station Mix 102.5, which stated that 315 foodies attempted to break the world’s record for the longest charcuterie board. Outlets like NBC and UPI claimed that the group had officially set a new record for the world’s longest charcuterie board.  

"It was great. I mean it was so chaotic this morning, there were a million different things going on, a lot of moving parts, but at the end of the day, we broke the record, 315 Foodies, 315 owns the record for the largest charcuterie board. I think it'll be a long time before this is broken because this is a hell of a project," Preston Moore, co-founder of 315 Foodies, told WKTV, a local New York news station.

The 2021 charcuterie board is said to more than double the Guinness record set by the Chicago-based food and beverage company Dassantial in 2019. With over 400 pounds of meat, cheese, and other items, the 150-foot charcuterie board took two people and 24 hours to create.

But does the New York charcuterie board in fact set the record for longest in the world, ousting the previous record set at 150-feet?

That is not true. We looked through the Guinness World Records press center, news channel, and verified Twitter account, but did not find an official statement announcing record-breakers. In an email to Snopes, a spokesperson said that "after researching within our database, I can confirm that Datassential currently holds the Guinness World Records title for the Longest charcuterie platter/board."

The official record text read:

The longest charcuterie board is 45.73 m (150.05 ft), and was achieved by Datassential (USA) in Chicago, Illinois, USA, on 24 September 2019.

Would-be record-setters must submit a proposal that is reviewed against the Guinness database of records, after which point a contender is sent a record title and list of guidelines. A typical application can take up to 12 weeks and it is unclear whether the charcuterie record had been accepted.

Though the charcuterie board measured more than double the previous record set in 2019, Guinness World Record has not officially confirmed the new record. Snopes will update the article if and when we receive official confirmation of a new record being established.

Regardless of official record designation, the charcuterie board did not go to waste. Spectators were able to buy tickets and join in on the foodie fun by sampling meats and cheeses featured on the record hopeful.


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Update [Oct. 5, 2021]: Rating was updated from "Unproven" to "False" after receiving official confirmation from Guinness.

Madison Dapcevich is a freelance contributor for Snopes.