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Is 'Wooden Rose' Chainsaw Carving Real?

Sometimes you have to stop and carve the roses.

Published May 17, 2021

 (Getty Images/Stock photo)
Image Via Getty Images/Stock photo
A photograph shows a wooden rose that was carved with a chainsaw.

In May 2021, a photograph supposedly showing a wooden rose that had been carved with a chainsaw started circulating on social media:

This is a genuine photograph of a chainsaw artist and their wooden rose creation.

The person pictured here is Christopher LaMontagne, an artist and master craftsman from New England, who is described on their website as follows:  

A native New Englander, Christopher LaMontagne is an accomplished, highly sought after builder and timber framer who has has travelled to Europe to study timber framed buildings. He is an extremely multi-faceted artist, furniture maker, architectual wood worker, expert wood carver, sculptor and wood turner with legions of satisfied clients. Christopher is one the most dynamic, versatile and multi-talented woodworkers in the U.S. today. LaMontagne's attention to detail is the trademark of a master craftsman, as the intricate carvings of his work demonstrate. With integrity and innovation, he has found a perfect balance between Old World and contemporary building techniques.

The wood sculpture shown above was created circa 2017. LaMontagne posted several images of this work as it was in progress to his Instagram page, as well as a few photographs of the finished product which also featured a chainsaw carved bee:

LaMontagne also shared a video to YouTube showing the making of this chainsaw carving of a rose and bee. The video shows that LaMontagne made sketch of the project before he revved up his chainsaw, and that this sculpture was constructed by joining together several different carved pieces:

Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.