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Wood Art

Fauxtography: Photographs purportedly show furniture and a floating automobile carved from wood.

Published April 20, 2010


Claim:   Photographs show furniture and a floating automobile carved from wood.


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, April 2010]

Do you think these carvings are real?

With a block of wood & a knife most people couldn't even carve their initials. Check these out. Can you believe what this man has done with wood? Wonder what he does in his spare time???? Wooden you like to know!


Origins:   These unusual carved wooden objects are the work of Italian artist Livio De Marchi, whose profile describes him thusly:

Livio De Marchi was born in Venezia where, still a child, he worked on ornamental sculpture in the Venetian tradition in the workshop of a crafting and in the meantime he studied art and drawing at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice. His activity starts there, displaying at once an astounding skill in moulding materials.

The material has been transformed by him with ironical sensitivity that brought him to create sculptures that keep perfection of detail as well spontaneity and essence. During his artistic evolution he worked first in marble, then bronze, and eventually in wood. But wood has always been his favourite material because it gives him a vitality which other materials do not.

After opening his own studio, Livio De Marchi allowed his fantasy to run free, declaring his way of being, his interior world. After a deep inner evolution his ironical ability to see life got the upper hand in letting him carve this kind of sculpture.

Both the furniture and the floating Ferrari F50 pictured above are included (among other works) in the "Large Works" section of De Marchi's web site. Additional information about De Marchi can be viewed on the Internet Craftsmanship Museum web site.

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