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The 'Witch Climbing Wall' TikTok Video, Explained

A video purportedly showing a "witch" climbing a wall by supernatural means while holding onto another person has been viewed millions of times on TikTok and YouTube.

Published Jul 8, 2021

Image Via MBG CORE
A video shows a witch climbing a wall by supernatural means.

On May 20, 2021, the @zmstube TikTok account posted a video titled: "Witch Climbing Wall."

The Video

The introduction of the "Witch Climbing Wall" clip said: "Videos You Should Never Google."

The video may have appeared to be quite scary to the millions of people who viewed the video on TikTok, YouTube, and elsewhere. However, it was simply the creation of a digital effects artist.


The original upload of the "Witch Climbing Wall" video occurred on Nov. 11, 2019, and was titled: "DARKNET CHAPELLE BY MBG CORE."

Three months earlier, a clip of a similar animation was posted as well:

There was also this later video from July 8, 2020, which showed the "witch" climbing the wall in the background. (Warning: This video contains content that may be considered to be more disturbing than the other two videos.)


According to an in-depth interview on wertn.com, the videos were created by a man named Marc-Aurélien, who goes by the handle MBG CORE. The building in the viral clip was is "located in Auray, in the Morbihan region of France."

The "French self-taught artist" chose MBG CORE for the words "motion blaster graphics." He told wertn.com: "I don't have an academic background regarding animation, but I’ve always been seduced by this domain. I made my first edits using After Effects, then I started real 3D in 2013 when I discovered Cinema 4D software. Since that day, I have never stopped practicing. I started by watching some tutorials on YouTube for basics, then I let my creativity goes."

Other than the "Witch Climbing Wall" clip (which was not an official title from MBG CORE), more projects from the artist can be found on his YouTube channel and Instagram page.

For further reading, we previously reported about other horror videos that were posted on TikTok, including one called "The Faces in the Closet" and another titled "Jogger Sees the Unknown" ("Midnight Jog").

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