Whataburger ‘Dollar Burger Day’ Promotion

An image purportedly showing a coupon for a Whataburger "Dollar Burger Day" promotion is a hoax.

  • Published 29 March 2016


Whataburger is holding a "Dollar Burger Day" promotion on 29 March 2016.

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Collected via Twitter, March 2016



On 29 March 2016, an image purportedly showing a “Dollar Day Burger” promotional coupon for the Whataburger hamburger chain began circulating on social media:


Neither this image nor any such promotional coupon originated with Whataburger. The restaurant chain has repeatedly informed customers that the supposed promotion is a hoax:

whataburger coupon

Despite the “In every one of our locations” legend, the fine print in the coupon states that the promotion is only valid at Whataburger restaurants located in the Laredo, Texas, area (although we’ve been unable to verify whether even this much is true). So if you’re visiting a Whataburger restaurant today, expect to pay full price for your meal.