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Wee Willie Nick

Published Sept. 18, 2006


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Claim:   Woman posts nude picture of unruly former housemate on the web.

Status:   Undetermined.

Example:   [Collected on the Internet, 2003]

This picture has been submitted to take revenge on my ex-housemate, Nick Clements.

Nick Clements(Click to enlarge)

Nick lived in my house for three years and during that time life was very difficult. As well as these problems Nick is always winding me up and annoying me. However, the opportunity for retribution arose.

At my recent 40th birthday party Nick drunk large quantities of Southern Comfort and was dared my his mates to streak for a bet of $100. Nick took up the offer and took all his clothes off and kicked a football around our village at 4.00a.m. in the morning (fortunately, in was summer). While this was happening I was desperately trying to find my camera, which I had managed to lose.

Nick returned to my house still naked and walked into my bedroom and had a stretch, like guys do. I had by now found my camera so I took a shot ensuring that his private parts were fully recorded in the photo.

This picture has now appeared uncensored on numerous web sites and Nick's shortcomings have been revealed all over the world!

Origins:   Together again: revenge and nudity, two concepts which feature in a plethora of favorite urban legends.

Unlike most urban legends involving nudity, in this case the victim's exposure was not inadvertent — it was supposedly a deliberate act of revenge in which the perpetrator employed modern technology for maximum exposure. According to the backstory, a North London woman named Anna Jones was disgruntled that her former housemate of three years, Nick Clements (who had always been a difficult and annoying person to share a place with), showed up at her 40th birthday party, proceeded to get drunk, and then took up a dare to strip off his clothes and kick a football around town at 4 o'clock in the morning. While this lewd revelry was in progress Ms. Jones hunted down her camera, and when the still-naked Mr. Clements returned to her house after his early morning exhibition of unclothed sporting prowess, she snapped a photograph of him in mid-stretch.

The denouement to this little revenge tale was that rather than quietly chuckling with a few friends over the embarrassing picture of Mr. Clements she'd managed to obtain, Ms. Jones ensured that it was posted (with full explanation) to a variety of web sites around the Internet. (Mr. Clements' and his willie were displayed on 90 different sites, said an article in The Mirror.)

According to The Mirror's account of the prank:

One site to which writer Anna, from North London, sent the image had a priceless pictures section. She added: "In this case, revenge has been truly priceless.

"It has provided me, my friends and web users with a great deal of amusement. He won't streak at a party again in a hurry."

Nick agreed. He said: "I will never strip again. It's really embarrassing being recognised and teased as the naked bloke on the net. I was a postman when it happened and the guys at work teased me unmercilessly.

"I am a bit annoyed with the woman but I don't think she did it out of malice, more out of a sense of humour."

The above material comes from explanations offered by the participants to newspapers and should be taken with a grain of salt without corroboration. The possibility exists that this whole story was cooked up as a "fifteen minutes of fame" type of stunt, as has been suggested elsewhere.

Last updated:   19 September 2003

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