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Does This Waterpark Slide Launch People Into the Air?


Published July 5, 2022

Image Via Twitter
A video shows a waterpark slide launching participants into the air.

Fact Check

In July 2022, a video went viral that supposedly showed an extreme waterslide at an amusement park. In the video, the lifeguard spins the person's tube, kicks it down the slide, then turns around as the tube launches out into the air.

This is not a genuine video of an air launch.

The first few seconds are real. A lifeguard really did use his feet to spin and launch a tube down a slide. The last few moments of this video, however, are a digital edit.

This viral video was created by doctoring another video that was originally shared on TikTok by Mostafa Salah. In the original video, the tube does not go flying into the air. Rather, it continues going down the slide as one would expect.

This viral video was created by @Simon_QN, described as a freelance VFX artist, and posted to Twitter in May 2022.

Water slides are a common subject for digitally altered creations. We've previously written about a waterslide that supposedly launched people hundreds of feet into a small pool and a waterslide that supposedly towered over Dubai.

Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.

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