A photograph shows a vintage ad published in a 1950s Sears Catalog featuring a smiling family holding guns. See Example( s )

Collected via Email, December 2015

True or False? Facebook meme. daisy rifle
Mostly True


Mostly True


In mid-December 2015, a photograph purportedly showing a vintage Sears catalog ad from the 1950s featuring a smiling family holding rifles started circulating around Facebook.

While the above-displayed ad is real, it was not originally published in a Sears catalog in the 1950s. The original ad was for Daisy Rifles and featured several products, such as the Spittin’ Image line of air guns, that were not available until the 1960s.

While it’s possible that the ad was published in the Sears catalog at sometime in the 1960s (we’ve reached out for the company for comment) the only original ad we were able to uncover came from a 1966 issue of Boys’ Life, the monthly publication from the Boy Scouts of America:

daisy christmas ad

While the above-displayed ad is real and was published in Boys’ Life in 1966, the claim that people would “lose their friggin’ minds over this today” is debatable.

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