Wheel of Fortune Says Goodbye to Vanna White?

Reports that Vanna White was fired from her hostess role on 'Wheel of Fortune' due to her compulsive roulette playing are fake news.


Vanna White was fired from her hostess role on 'Wheel of Fortune' due to her compulsive roulette playing.



On 11 February 2015, the Empire News web site published an article headlined “Vanna White Fired From Wheel of Fortune After Roulette Scandal” positing that long time letter-turning hostess Vanna White had been fired from her position on the TV game show Wheel of Fortune over her compulsive roulette-playing habit:

Producers of long-running game show Wheel Of Fortune are in crisis mode after being forced to fire presenter Vanna White after over thirty years of service. The shocking firing comes after footage was released of White in a casino, compulsively playing roulette.

“We appreciate Vannas 32 years with us,” said director Bob Cisneros. “However, her recent actions have compromised the production of this all-American favorite. The betrayal felt by viewers upon seeing her spinning around with other wheels is too great to be tolerated. Its as if she is a wife who cheated on her husband, and her husband are the Wheel of Fortune viewers. She is no longer the loyal servant we once knew and loved.”

This report about Vanna White being terminated from her Wheel of Fortune gig was completely fictional and originated with Empire News, a fake news web site whose disclaimer states that all its articles are meant for “entertainment purposes only.”

The rumor has also been promulgated through deceptive online advertisements run by clickbait houses:

Although Wheel of Fortune did not directly comment on this fake news report, they provided several updates on their social media accounts proving that Vanna White was still a part of the show:


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