Uniformed police officers were not allowed on the floor at the Democratic National Convention. See Example( s )

Collected via e-mail, July 2016

Rumors on Facebook going around that officers are not allowed on the convention floor at the DNC.




On 28 July 2016, a rumor appeared that uniformed police officers were not allowed on the floor at the Democratic National Convention:

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This rumor seems to be based entirely on a comment made by former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani during an appearance on Fox And Friends:

While Giuliani claimed that he had been told by four high-ranking police officers (supposedly outside the arena) that uniformed law enforcement officials were not allowed inside on the convention floor, he appears to be the only person making this accusation — which made a great pull quote:

Other web sites quickly picked up the story to spread Giuliani’s comments, but no additional evidence has appeared to confirm his claim. 

We reached out to the Philadelphia Police Department to find out if Clinton’s team had informed them that they were not allowed on the convention floor, and were told that both uniformed and plainclothes officers were stationed throughout the convention:

Good evening Mr. Evon, Philadelphia Police have worked in conjunction with the Secret Service throughout this event which includes the interior portion of the venue, as well as the exterior portion.  Officers in uniform and plain clothes have been assigned to all areas inside of the venue, which includes the various floors, levels, and interior portions.

Not only were uniformed police officers allowed at the Democratic National Convention, but Pittsburgh Chief of Police Cameron McLay spoke on Day 2 of the event:

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