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Yes, Tyra Banks and Lionel Richie Have a New Ice Cream Flavor

And, yes, we would like some please.

Published Sep 11, 2021

 (Screenshot, Lionel Richie's Twitter page)
Image Via Screenshot, Lionel Richie's Twitter page
Tyra Banks and Lionel Richie collaborated on an ice cream flavor called "All Night Love."

Tyra Banks and Lionel Richie are famous for their modeling and music careers, respectively, but they also collaborated on a new ice cream flavor that became part of Banks' ice cream line, Smize Cream.

The flavor made its debut on Sept. 1, 2021, and includes a vanilla ice cream base, crumbled cookies, a caramel swirl, and hearts made of milk chocolate fudge. The name was inspired by Richie's 1983 hit song, "All Night Long."

Banks' ice cream line sets itself apart by including a "surprize" in the carton, and in the case of the All Night Love flavor, it's a "caramel-scotch cookie dough" confection.

"Smize" is a reference to a term Banks coined, which became famous on her reality show "America's Next Top Model, which means smiling with your eyes.

In the below how-to video, Banks says one can "smize" by staring into the camera lens, keeping the face immobile, and thinking of something you desire to conjure an intense expression in the eyes.

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